Arunima Sinha


She remembered the steps
That she took with her parents.
Those baby steps,
That were wibbly-wobbly.
Slowly, she learnt to walk,
Sans any support.
That, gave her the confidence,
To conquer the world.
Off she went, to chase her dreams,
But destiny had different plans.
She lay battling for her life,
With her legs severed.
She composed herself
And fought back.
She had the grit to
Live a worthy life.
She learnt to walk again,
And took her baby steps,
With her prosthetics.
Slowly she scaled the Everest,
And smiled and stood tall,
Waving the tri colour,
With her heart filled with pride.


Image courtesy : google
Note : A humble attempt to bring out the life of Arunima Sinha, the world’s first female amputee to scale the Everest.

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