An Innocent Query

Hey dear mother,  The clothes hanging up high,  Seem to be enjoying more than us.  Don't they look free and relaxed,  Whereas, we are struggling.  Struggling to find a roof over our head,  Call a piece of land as our...

Was it My Fault?

Oh! Mother mine, was it my fault?  That I was born on your lap?  Or is there something more to it?  Don't I deserve to live a life,  With an identity and dignity?    I saw dad fighting all through,  Oh!...

Eerie Silence

  An eerie silence shrouded the air,  Unusual that was, As kids were part of the daily affair.    An armed troop was the reason,  For the vibrant air to turn chill,  Even during this festive season.    Two shots, one hit the...

Plight of War

Still streets, whom to admonish Many dreams, yet to fulfill, It takes time to establish, But world came to a standstill.


We gain Nothing in war But, pain.    Cold blood Flows freely like A flood.    Cries fill,  The air so cold, And chill.   Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

Why Wage a War

People need to be alive, For countries to survive The colour of blood, bones and flesh Are the same, when you see it gush.  Then, why wage a war On people who are unknown and afar?  Post war, you observe,  It's...

Ashoka’s Atonement

The battlefield bore a deserted look,  With lifeless bodies strewn all over.  Some were sans heads and some sans limbs.  The mud was soaked in blood,  Not sure whose it was though.  The mighty king of Kalinga,  Stepped out to...

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