Zero’s Rant

Bhramagupta, my father, named me Shunya, Which means Absence.  Did he give you the right To use that for failures?  I add value to digits And make them grow ten-fold.  I depict completeness,  As I start and end at the same...

Ink – An Acrostic

Ideas and thoughts that Nestle in our minds and Kindle our emotions,    Inking them onto paper,  Neat and crisp, oh!  Keyboards can't do that magic.    Idyllically holding the pen,  Nursed with ink of any hue,  Kaleidoscope of imaginations emerge.   

Ready to Fly

With ambitions soaring high, Like the birds that fly, They stepped into the blue, With attires matching the hue, All ready to fly, Fly the steel birds high, Flying for the nation with pride, They set all differences aside.   Photo by Jon...

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