English is Funny

Correcting English papers, Aah… it's real fun you sea.  The children right interesting answers,  Reading them, you laugh out loud.    They say, we drawed on the floor,  When mumma cutted vegetables And my brother hitted me hardly,  That my back started...

The Magic Lamp

How I wish I had a lamp,  Just like Aladdin.  And as I rub the body,  A genie comes to fulfill my wishes".   Clatter! Bang! Clank!  These sounds woke me up,  And there was my kitchen,  All decorated with broken porcelain.    At...

The Shot

Freeze all !!! Came the command Well dressed were we for this Said cheese, smiled wide, gave the best pose Oh No!   Someone Just sneezed! Hachoo!! Bewildered eyes turned to See who dared to do that and spoil The click.    Lest we Knew that it...

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