The heroes of the Vadakkan Pattu,  Known for their valor and strength,  Exponents of Kalaripayattu they were,  Called the Chekavar clan.  Hired by the small rulers Of Kolathunadu and Kadathanadu,  To fight and die for them,  The chekavars were real warriors.  Thacholi...

The Golden Canopy

The bright canvas of nature,  Decorated well with the golden marigolds,  Against the azure skyline.  Swaying their way through the gentle breeze.  Oh! What a treat to the eyes.  Do I have a choice,  To silently tiptoe,  And be amidst this...

Breathing Poetry

We inhale goodness, Positivity and reassurance,  When we read a nice poem Which fills us with freshness and warmth.    We exhale our feelings, troubles And our experiences,  As a process of venting out,  When we write a poem,  Which calms our mind, As...

Guess!! Who Am I ????

Your slender and sleek body,  Oh! My hands yearn to hold you.  The black attire, sometimes green,  With a golden crown,  Makes you stand out in the crowd.  You come fully fed at times,  But I love when I feed...

Beauty – An Acrostic

Black or white, elegant or rags,  Eyes speak in volumes of the  Ageless beauty, and confidence, Untold feelings that reflect  Through them : the eyes, that Yearn for and give away affection. Photo by Drew Dizzy Graham on Unsplash

The Bond

There she lay, all torn and battered,  And lost in the woods Sweeping the floor in agony and anguish.     The air carried the waft,  That was known to her and That made her weary eyes open.    She sensed the presence,  Of...

The Fallen Leaf

Like the fallen leaf, Our life's pages fall apart, Making it unique.   Each leaf that falls down Has plethora of stories That are so special.   Nothing can be a Better learning than these life Experiences.  Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

The Journey from Salem to Varanasi

  The station bustling With people and trains chugging.  Letting out a loud siren,  Marched in the Ganga Kaveri Express.    We ran alongside the coaches,  To stop right in front of ours.  Quickly hopped onto it,  And began searching our berths.    Once settled,...

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