Sea, the Storyteller

The sea so vast and calm, Looks serene and divine. The soft gurgle that it makes Seems to spin a tale. Listen! It comes closer, To share a secret I feel, Or a tale of love? Or does it talk about...

Boston Tea Party

Can you imagine, Tea, generally harmless, Became so harmful, That it led to a massive Destruction and mushroom cloud.  Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

Plight of War

Still streets, whom to admonish Many dreams, yet to fulfill, It takes time to establish, But world came to a standstill.


Those two lines,  Were indeed the signs,  Of my greatest joy.    The phase ahead,  Was difficult to tread,  But, I did enjoy.    The result was a bliss,  As they planted a kiss,  Motherhood, Ahoy!! 


Hug, Comforts one Like a warm blanket, Soaking itself in our tears And soothing our wounded heart and soul Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

Birth of a Poem

Inspirations plenty,  Gets us thinking abundantly How to interpret, how to present,  Oh! Plethora of confusions never seem to end.  Finally, when thoughts get the words,  Right, apt, a poem Is born. 


Poet's Heart beats At the sight Of mother nature. Thoughts get chiselled into verses, Through words so magical, mystical, serene, soothing.


Away from family, friends and cozy home, They withstand the severe heat, rains, wind and storm. They put their lives at stake, to save the nation, And it is because of them, that we breathe free. Air, land,...

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