Various Versions of a Woman

Spreading a cheer in the house,  By being immensely adorable,  Is a daughter, who makes one smile.    Fights picked upon,  Yet, the first person to confide,  Is a sister, who's our second mother.    Soul sister, bestie, partner in crime,  You name...

The Magic Lamp

How I wish I had a lamp,  Just like Aladdin.  And as I rub the body,  A genie comes to fulfill my wishes".   Clatter! Bang! Clank!  These sounds woke me up,  And there was my kitchen,  All decorated with broken porcelain.    At...

She Wondered Aloud

With her crumpled dress and bruised body, She wondered aloud, If dad had waited till the bus came,  I could have been saved.  If mom had allowed me to learn karate,  I would have defended myself.  If the boys were...

Seed That Did Lead

Having XX wasn't my fault,  But they blamed me and mom a lot.  My own tried to get rid of me,  I wondered why couldn't they let me be.    They buried me though, I was breathing,  The anger in...

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