The Journey from Salem to Varanasi

  The station bustling With people and trains chugging.  Letting out a loud siren,  Marched in the Ganga Kaveri Express.    We ran alongside the coaches,  To stop right in front of ours.  Quickly hopped onto it,  And began searching our berths.    Once settled,...

Memory Planks

As I stepped through those gates,  Memories flooded my mind.    I waded my way through them,  And reached my destination, the room.    The classroom, empty though,  Echoed the laughter and cries.    The wooden benches remained intact,  With the scribblings haunting my...

Indeed a Bliss !!

The days filled with laughter,  Sans any worries.  Running to parents for very minute things,  Oh! How much I miss.  Childhood was indeed a bliss.    Playing with the raindrops,  Floating the paperboats,  And splashing the puddles Oh! How much I miss.  Childhood was...

Exhibition – A Memory

Summer vacations always meant A mandatory visit to the exhibition. A place filled with music, Lights, fun and frolic. The air carried the flavour Of the stalls and shops. Giving us a glimpse of what's in store, As we enter through...

Paper Boat

The petrichor took me back, To those wonderful days, When apartments were unheard of And we had lots of space to play. The monsoon brought with it, Some moments to be cherished. Oh! How I wish, I had a time...

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