Memorable Days

Those sultry summer vacation days,  When all cousins got together And played throughout the day.  None cared about rest or food,  As playing was the only thing good.    At the evening fell, and birsa retreated,  We, the hungry mortals dragged...


Faiz, was on the Indian leg of his research on the noted prisons of the world. The Indian prison that he visited was the Kalapani. The sight of the cellular jail sent shivers down...

The Musings of a Rickety Bench

After living through the centuries, I just reminisced the days traveled, The incidents that I witnessed All from this park. I saw infants gazing around From the secure arms of their parents I saw kids enjoying life to fullest, Jumping around...


Now, a display of antiquity, Once, a light of any city, Oh my lantern, thy value, Is next to eternity.   Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash

Paper Boat

The petrichor took me back, To those wonderful days, When apartments were unheard of And we had lots of space to play. The monsoon brought with it, Some moments to be cherished. Oh! How I wish, I had a time...

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