Tangy Tangy

Your tanginess... Ahh.. Arouses all the taste buds. Aren't you just too great?

Best Companion

As the knife slices through,  I know how crunchy are you.  Cutting into tiny pieces,  Aah… therapeutic is the process.  Your green crown shines bright,  Ensuring that you aren't away from my sight.  The right amount of salt,  Keep your tanginess...

Jugaad Saves the Day

Just as I thought I was done for the day,  My phone rang, scaring me away.  Guests were on their way,  Unannounced, but in gay.    All I had were some chapatis and onions,  And I got my companion.  Sliced them...

Soul Food

A soul food that soothes my palette,  Nicely cooked rice Mashed well and mixed with curd,  Freshly sliced raw mangoes Tempered with spices and oil,  Oh! My mouth waters as I pen this,  This is indeed,  A soul food that soothes...

The Steamed Beauty

Moist rice flour,  Mixed with salt,  Layered within a cylinder,  With grated coconut breaking the layers,  Puffing like a steam engine,  It gets cooked.  Slender and soft,  When paired with spicy kadala curry* Is indeed a bliss to the eyes And a treat...

Epulae Ryu – Examples

Raw Mango Pickle with Curd Rice The tangy, sliced raw mangoes, Mixed with salt, hing and Chilli powder, drenched with a Liberal share of Gingelly oil, paired with curd rice Wow!! Puttu Kadala Damp rice flour and coconut Alternately placed In tall, slender, cylinder, Looks beautiful...

Sadhya – The Full Meal

The big green banana leaf, Glistened in the light. Nicely washed and cleaned, All set to get decked. In comes the creamy kheer, Towards the bottom right, Followed by the vegetable curries, Adorning the top portion. Pickles, chips and pappad, Take their position...

Kitchen Queen

Hey! Have you seen me kids? Well, I guess no. Let me tell you my story, I am sure you will know me more. Passed down from generations, I carried memories And emotions in plenty, Alongside the spices. The angry and anguish, Were...

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