Unheard Voices

The kicks in the womb, Eager to jump out To the mother's bosom. The urge of an infant, Whose lovely eyes Yearn the father's arms. The pain of the student, Whose tiring fingers Just ask to slow down. The call of the teen, Whose...

Broken and Shattered

A stern face, confident eyes, A poised gait and mature look. Expressions were a miss, Making her look like ice. She was alone at home, Her family unknown. She was blamed by some, For living alone at home. Does she possess a...

Mother’s Anklets

Colours eluded him, From the day he was born. Sound he did befriend From then on. He had only his mom, On whom he could lean on forever. He saw her with his ears, All through his life. Her anklets were his...


Anxiously I had waited, For this moment, all these days. This meeting meant a lot, As I saw this special person. A wonderful place with a Picturesque backdrop, Of the setting sun and the crimson sky, Proved to be an ideal...

The Real Holi

Even though Ariana had been playing holi* since childhood, this year seemed very special. This time, she enjoyed Holi for the very reason that it's known for - Colours. She had been battling with...

Different Strokes

Those tender eyes, Full of hopes and dreams, Seem to tell a tale, A tale of life they live. . We are different, they say, Different from you and me. It needn’t be physical always, As we are different other ways. . Some of...


The clinking sound resonates, With the motion of the hands, Near the womb, as it moves, The baby waves it's hands.   Photo by Nishta Sharma on Unsplash

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