The Carousel

Childhood was a nightmare for her,  As she didn't enjoy.  Nothing was normal like others,  As she was the sole breadwinner.    Her family, dependent on her, She forgot to enjoy life. Money, care and security  Was all that her little mind...

Pencil Box

Pride of the owner Envied by the eyes around Charm it was, to own. The poem is published in the website of UnitedByInk group : Image by Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig from Pixabay 

The Secret Mantra

Oft I wonder,  How do children manage to be happy?  They cry and weep,  But that's short lived.  They smile and laugh their hearts out,  Oblivious of their surroundings.  What's the secret mantra I thought,  And slowly drifted to sleep.  Heard a...

Eerie Silence

  An eerie silence shrouded the air,  Unusual that was, As kids were part of the daily affair.    An armed troop was the reason,  For the vibrant air to turn chill,  Even during this festive season.    Two shots, one hit the...

Summer Vibes

  Sun shining down the horizon,  Fun is intended during the day,  None can stop the joyous banter Run do they, in merriment and gay.    Friends, as they come together,  Transcends happiness all around,  Sends vibes so positive and  Intends to bring...

Indeed a Bliss !!

The days filled with laughter,  Sans any worries.  Running to parents for very minute things,  Oh! How much I miss.  Childhood was indeed a bliss.    Playing with the raindrops,  Floating the paperboats,  And splashing the puddles Oh! How much I miss.  Childhood was...

Forever Love

Pink and blue,  Is the primary hue.  The sight of you,  Made me love you.    Soft and fluffy,  Just like a teddy, so puffy.  Touching you was so comfy,  For me and my tummy.    You were just so awesome,  That my young heart...

Blackboard and Beyond

Blackboard and Beyond, an anthology conceptualized by Ms. Meena Mishra, edited by Dr. Sanam V Shaikh and published by The Impish Lass Publishing House houses poems, stories and anecdotes that will for sure take...

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